My name is Jey and I am a self-professed travel enthusiast. Grateful for a life in the travel industry, this blog was created to share my experiences, expertise and passion for travelling the world. With 14+ years as a travel consultant and avid world traveller, I'm pleased to say that I have travelled to more than 60 countries on 6 continents and plans to never stop. I even started my own travel business!

I fell in love with traveling at a young age. While growing up, my parents had jobs that meant we had to move interstate several times. While most other kids would have been devastated to be leaving school and moving to unknown surroundings, I simply loved the opportunity to be somewhere completely different... new places to explore, new friends to make and new things to learn.


This kind of enthusiasm and desire to experience as many different things as possible has continued well in to my adult life, setting the stage for a fulfilling career as a travel designer, turn tour guide, and now a travel agency owner. Through my own experiences, I now believe that travelling is an essential part of personal growth. It increases our curiosity, humility and our faith in humanity. We are forced to think in different ways, form connections and become more open-minded. Travel also makes us happier and willing to take on new challenges. I am delighted and eternally grateful that I am able to open the world to those who are inspired to enrich their lives through travel and culture.

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You will find plenty of inspiration, handy travel tips, honest reviews, destination guides, and much more here on the MissWorldly Blog - published by yours truly & with the help of my knowledgable team of Worldly Travel Designers. Be sure to follow MissWorldly.com on Facebook & Instagram where we share not only our weekly blog posts and passion for exploring this great big beautiful world, but also showcase some of the most amazing destinations fit for any bucket-list. It is our commitment to inspire you to enrich your life through the wonder of travel & culture.

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