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Soon, you will be leaving your home and arriving in a foreign place ready to start a new and possibly life changing experience... oh the opportunities! It seems only fitting that we look at how to prepare for this long journey to ensure that you are in tip-top condition when you arrive. Because not all of us can fly First Class, here is a sharing of my best tips for travelling on long-haul international flights (longer than 9 hours).


Okay, so you can't pack this prior to clearing security, but just as soon as you do, be sure to put that $10 to good use and buy 2 x 2 ltr bottles for your trip. Aircraft humidity can be as much as 55% less than that on the ground. It's important to stay hydrated for your immune system and your mood. Jet-lag is hardly a condition at all if you remain hydrated on your flights. Cabin air will also dehydrate your eyes and skin, so it might be handy to take some moisturiser (I personally recommend organic Rosehip Oil) as well as eye-drops to help keep you feeling refreshed.


Don't overload your carry-on. When it comes time to taking your seat, you should have your necessities easily accessible focusing on these areas: Sleeping, Entertainment, Refreshments. You don't want too many things swarming you, because you really should be moving your arms and legs around freely promoting circulation as often as you can. I like to carry a small bag inside my carry-on bag that I can put under my seat while I happily store my carry-on in the over-head storage where it can stay until touch-down.


Everyone has there own method of getting to sleep on flights, but it really can't be more simple than being so gosh-darn comfortable and relaxed, that it just happens. Ensure to organise a sleeping kit before you go or at least check that your airline supplies these for you... ear-plugs, eye-mask, comfy blanket and a u-shaped pillow. If you don't have your own comfy blanket, I recommend anything that you can snuggle nicely into that will also keep you warm like a thick shawl. Failing these tactics, try a small amount of Lavender Oil. You can buy 10ml bottles from most pharmacies or health stores, and a dab or two on your forehead or pillow can make a world of difference.


Of course one of our highest priorities is ensuring your devices are all fully charged. You can pick up a portable charger for under $20 at most electronic retailers and they are really handy. If you're lucky enough to be flying with an airline who has so graciously updated their aircrafts with USB ports (like Emirates and Virgin Australia), then this might not be as important to you. I've been on enough flights to know that there is always at least a handful of seats that have fuzzy screens or faulty audio. It's best to be prepared. Trade in your bulky books for the electronic version, create some playlists to get you in the mood, download some good movies for on your tablet and you're ready for a mile-high movie marathon.


We all know it, cabin air is not the most desirable. I couldn't even tell you how many times I get on a flight feeling like a million bucks... hair done, nails done, skin glowing; add several hours on a flight, and I get off looking like an over-worked nanny to 12 children. Exfoliating wipes, facial hydrating mist (RoseWater is a favourite, and fem hygiene products are all things I would recommend on your flight. Some aircrafts will provide toothpaste and a toothbrush for your convenience, however I personally always take a small 50ml bottle of mouthwash and dental floss just in case. Remember, you can only take items of 100mls or less on most international flights so be sure to leave your big bottles at home. Finally, chewing gum doesn't only keep your breath fresh also, but it does wonders for preventing your ears from popping during take off and landing. Choose 'Airwaves' gum to really clear your sinus if you tend to get blocked up on flights.

#6. MOVE

Move your body! While it does seem like an impossible task on many airlines, it is important to keep your circulation going strong so that you don't experience too much swelling or discomfort. It can take days to relieve swelling in your feet and abdomen which is not very nice for those whose holiday kicks off with plenty of walking. Every opportunity you get, stand up and move your legs and arms. From your seat... circular rotations of ankles, shoulders, wrists and neck will keep you loose and keep the blood flowing. Be prepared to jump off your flight and straight in to a new adventure!

Most importantly, if all else fails... don't forget Tip #1!

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